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Before restoration
Image: restoration01
During roof restoration
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The original restoration of the cottage took place between 1995 and 2000 to convert the home of Mrs Smith to a museum. In 2012 serious faults were found in the structure of the roof and the museum had to be closed. A new restoration project has now started and details can be seen at Rescuing Mrs Smith's Cottage
The Cottage as it is today
Image: NewTheCottage
When Mrs Smith sadly died in 1995, villagers met to decide how to retain the cottage. The Friends of Mrs Smith's Cottage Group was formed, and with the help of North Kesteven District Council, an application was made for a lottery grant from Heritage Lottery. Together with fundraising and financial help from North Kesteven District Council, the cottage was purchased and renovated.

The work was carried out by Taskers Builders, and was completed in early 1999. The aim was to have the cottage looking almost exactly as it was when Mrs Smith was living in it, but extensive work was necessary on the roof to make it watertight.

It was not possible to retain the original pigsty and storage sheds as they were in a poor condition. However, with the additional use of a donated garage building, we were able to construct a small Visitor Centre, to house our reception area and displays.

We were unable to move the artefacts straight back in because the cottage was still extremely damp. However, with constant warmth from the range, the building gradually dried out. Mould patches were removed from the wallpaper using stale bread - a tried and tested method.

We finally opened to the public on July 7th 1999, four years after our very first public meeting.
The Cottage was accredited as a museum in 2000.

The old range renewed
Image: restoration06
The pigsty demolished and converted to a heritage centre
Image: restoration07